Tuesday, 30 July 2013

It all started with a picture...

Most stories about people deciding to get fit and healthy start with a realisation/'Eureka' moment...
Mine was thanks, predictably enough, to a dodgy picture.

I've never felt huge - well massively huge. I knew there was extra weight on me and many a time I despaired when trying on a beautiful outfit and no way was it getting up past my hips or down across my boobs but I was always (in denial??) happy enough to go on as I was.

I always found some clothes to fit me, I've an amazing boyfriend who has never made me feel anything but gorgeous (and as I am attached I haven't had to worry about the whole hassle of looking a certain way to attract another half) and, like most females, had perfected the best angles suited me for photos (hello drunk duckface!)!!

It was a photo I wasn't aware of being taken (and thus could not contort hand on hip to look decent) that was the proverbial straw that broke the camels back...

Bumps and bulges in places I hadn't realised I had them, on show for everyone to see, like something was trying to crawl out from my top. My pretty outfit overshadowed by what lies beneath...
I'm too morto to put the offending pic up here at the moment but will eventually I hope... The camera never lies eh?

"Embarrassment is a villian to be crushed"
Robert B. Cialdini

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