Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Here we go again... :)

A year on since I first got involved in the 'Macra's Feirme Bodies' initiative, I have signed up again this year to be a Leader once more. I, along with a handful more of willing and able participants, are the 'faces' of the project this year; we are all up for getting fitter and healthier and hopefully losing a few pounds in the process. I lost over a stone last year and through laziness and bad choices put a lot of it back on but am more than willing for the challenge again this time.

I have even more of an incentive this year - I got engaged at Easter and am getting married just before Christmas. I'm under no illusions that I am going to be a miniature version of myself by December, however a fitter, marginally more-toned version won't be unwelcome! I know I am going to be glowing and beautiful on the day, but there is just a teeny part of me which is worried that when I look back on our wedding photos that all I will see are my not unsubstantial bingo wings... Tyra Banks has taught me the benefits of being 'Flawsome' (taking what is perceived as a flaw and making it awesome) but I'm not sure even I, of the cheery and (most of the time) optimistic disposition, can make flabby arms anything resembling chic!

So that is my physical goal for 'Feirme Bodies' this year - tone those arms! (P.s. Michelle Obama is my inspiration for this one).

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