Sunday, 15 September 2013

Guest post I - Other people's experiences and advice

Hey everyone,

My name is Aisling, I am 25 years of age, in the past two and a half years ive lost just over seven stone still not finished but almost! Rebecca has asked me to write a few posts over the next number of weeks just give everyone a few tips and just share my experience! I'm happy to answer questions or help anyone in any way i can!

First things first i want to wish Rebecca and all those taking part in Macras Feirme bodies initiative the best of luck. Its not an easy task but the rewards make every harrowing moment worth it!

If you take nothing from this post please take this: If you want to attain your goal of losing a substantial amount of weight you must be really committed to it! You must want to it for yourself not to impress others! You have to sit yourself down and say i really want this! This is a long and sometimes very tedious journey that you need to ready for! 

If some very nice person comes up to you and says 'you've lost weight weight well done! Are you on a diet?' the answer is simply 'no' followed with "I've just changed what I'm eating and doing a bit of exercise.....its more of a lifestyle change." Thats exactly what it is you must retrain your brain and your stomach to your new way of life! 

My Story:

It was January 2011, my weight had been creeping up over the years and i hated it but at that point my attitude was it was gone so far what was the point in even trying. I tried everything in the past lipotrim egg diets even Operation Transformation you name it i tried it but the weight i had just came back and more with it! 
My brother was getting married at the end of the year and i wanted to look good!
That January i started Operation Transformation and that year it just clicked as i really wanted it!
Why operation Transformation?

Different strokes for different folks i guess and it worked for me!

It gives you an extensive knowledge of healthy normal food! It makes you try food that you never would have before. It teaches you healthy alternatives to common dishes that are just as tasty. You soon discover what you like and don't like and Dr. Eva very importantly teaches you about portion control. It is so simple as every meal is planned for you.


Everything is planned for you! Everyday there is a video and set of directions to complete your task! All you need is two bottles of water and you are ready to go! Karl Henry is someone you can't help but love but on your third set of lunges you feel like you might throw your water bottle at him!

There is a feeling of comradery with every leader and what seems to be half of Ireland doing it with you! They face the same challenges as you! They spur you and you are fighting for them too! 

A good start is half the battle
Ive done this every January completely committed for the last three years! I still use the recipes every week ill pick two or three of my favourite recipes and make them my dinner! I will always let myself have something nice if really want but i have to really want it! The Operation Transformation website is available everyday so if you wanna start today go there and start day one! The knowledge and understanding of food and exercise that you gain from the show is invaluable in my opinion if done right!

This a very simple overview of what i have done! For those starting out remember they say it takes three weeks to break a habit of a lifetime and the first three weeks are the hardest but if you persevere i believe it will soon become a way of life.

Until next time remember this quote:

 "Desire is the key to motivation but its determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal - a commitment to excellence that will enable you to attain the success that you seek."
Mario Andretti


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