Friday, 13 September 2013

Macra's Feirme Bodies - Part III

So what have we done exactly?
A quick update -
To start off was the dreaded weigh-in...
The ten leaders all met a couple of Saturdays ago and we did the initial weigh-in. In fairness to the lads most of them were quite open about their 'starting' weight but most of us ladies kept it quiet - maybe at a later date!
I kind of/half saw my weight on the scales - was trying to look down to see it while staying as straight as possible, not an easy task. It is the number I am working off from now on.

The next day we did a 3km walk around a fabulous local activity area which was to help kick off the project. Quite enjoyable and (as I always do after exercise) I felt great and then questioned myself as to why I don't do this kind of thing more often!

The group taking part in the first of our Macra's Feirme Bodies activities - a 3km walk

I've started back at Zumba in the last fortnight and have met up with another leader Úna to go for a walk. Really enjoying what I have done so far!

I'll do a separate post about my eating habits and a more in depth one about the exercise...

Second weigh-in is tomorrow so I will keep you all updated!!

“But the beauty is in the walking -- we are betrayed by destinations.” 
Gwyn Thomas

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