Monday, 9 September 2013

The offending picture...

In an earlier post (here), I explained that what really spurred me on to do something to get healthier and fitter was a photo.

A seemingly innocuous photo showing myself and four friends partaking in an event.

I didn't know the photo was being taken and while I am smirking delightedly (no idea why! Funny joke? Hilarious answer to one of the questions asked in the event? Who knows!) by God I wasn't too delighted to see the photo.

More bumps.
Bumps on bulges.

Was too afraid to put it up earlier but here goes...

I've even blurred out the others' faces, I'm embarrassed for them to be in the photo!

Be gentle.

"A picture is worth a thousand words"
Napoleon Boneparte


  1. Bex, there is a "healthy at any size" movement here. I think it was just the shirt that didn't suit you. I think you're gorgeous. :)

    1. Thank you dearie - I do need to get a good deal healthier too though regardless of size but hoping the size reduction will be a happy by-product of that!